Fall 2023 Update

By: Jonah Arndt
Published: 10/01/2023 - 19:55
Updated: 10/01/2023 - 21:40

Happy Fall!

I hope everyone had a good summer. Now that the cooler weather is here, I think we are all looking forward to spending more time playing Run8 with our friends. With that being said, I have some exciting news - some news that I think you all have been waiting for a very long time! I feel confident in the current state of the program to set a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) release date. 

As of 10/1/23, the targeted release date is:


This is subject to change, but I anticipate it will be ready by then. Another exciting piece of news is, that I have decided to release the program for free. When I started developing Dispatcher.NET back in October of 2022 (Almost one year already!), I did not do it to earn money, I started simply because I love Run8, and I have always wanted to develop my own external dispatcher, never being satisfied with the ones that existed for Run8 V2. I never anticipated the kind of support I have gotten about the program, it is truly heartwarming to see so many other people interested in this. I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. 

What is MVP?

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a term used in software. It means the first version of a program that meets the minimum needs of the use case.

What does this mean for Dispatcher.NET?

While the MVP release will not have every single feature that the final release will, I decided to do this as it may take some time to completely develop the program. Doing an MVP release will let you all use the program while providing feedback to me, and catching any possible issues. I plan to do Bi-Weekly (hopefully) releases following the MVP release until the program is finished. Emergency releases will be made for any breaking issues. 

Other Exciting News!

While developing the program, I collected a lot of data about the routes in Run8. To make this information useful to the general playing population, I have developed an interactive map that displays the following data:

  • Control Points (Data Entry Complete)
  • Defect Detectors (Data Entry In Progress)
  • Stations (Data Entry In Progress - 45%)
  • Radio Towers (Planning Phase)


Once again, I want to thank you all for being supportive throughout the development of Dispatcher.NET!

Make sure you are a part of our Discord to stay up to date on the latest information and behind-the-scenes info.


Thank You!

Jonah Arndt - Lead Developer

Asa Wilcox - Community Manager

Braden Anderson - Quality Assurance Manager